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Care-Tech's 114 years of success is highly attributed to an intense focus on Research and Development coordinated with premium quality product development. The company has progressed through numerous evolutions in product line extensions but the demand for performance from Care-Tech® products remains the primary objective.

Care-Tech's product lines are expansive, encompassing geriatric dermatologicals to antimicrobial skin cleansers enriched with protein collagen, emollients, and vitamins, to infection control handwashing systems, to physical therapy treatments, to environmental disinfection, to ostomy and incontinence products, to therapeutic wound care, and finally, to surgical site treatment. The company markets only products which are clearly superior and with significant, therapeutic medical benefit of use.

In recent years, Care-Tech® has focused exclusively on topical, antimicrobial formulations for the treatment and prevention of topical infection. New technologies such as Clinical Care® Dermal Wound Cleanser, Care Creme® Antimicrobial Transdermal Cream, and Techni-Care® offer the alternatives currently available to the use of topical antibiotics. These antimicrobials are safe, non-toxic, O-T-C Pharmaceuticals without contra-indications, broad spectrum in antibacterial and antifungal efficacy, and 30-40% of the cost of triple antibiotic ointments. Eliminating the possibility of sepsis is the primary objective of M.D.'s in wound therapy. All three Care-Tech® wound treatment products eliminate contaminants at the 99% level without cellular toxicity and with a 3-year shelf life.

As the failure rate of traditional antibiotics continues to accelerate and additional mutant bacterial strains emerge, the emphasis on preventative medicine will become critical. Appropriately designed antimicrobial treatment products, as well as hygienic products which incorporate efficient surfactancy or the ability to remove organic materials, are the primary objectives in relieving gross contamination and preventing topical and nosocomial infection.

Care-Tech's years of research in infection control trends indicate significant increases in nosocomial infection rates with the advent of the use of industrial detergents in medical environments. These industrial formulations incorporate the widespread use of fillers such as gum derivatives, sodium chloride (NACL), linear alcohols, methyocelulose, polymers (liquid plastics), alginates (seaweed), etc. which have no capacity to perform cleansing functions or skin conditioning functions.

Care-Tech's personnel are working diligently with a number of hospital/teaching institutions in tracking down sources of bacterial contamination to ascertain the types of industrial chemicals being dispensed as hand washing solutions as well as reviewing the environmental disinfectants in use. The results of this research will provide infection control practitioners with a clear road map of the chemical deficiencies within each facility. Detergents which produce dry, cracked, irritated skin conditions are inappropriate for use within a medical facility and unsafe for care givers as well as patients.

In addition to the emphasis on infection control systems, Care-Tech® is devising educational programs for doctors in strengthening understanding of cellular biology, molecular biology, and bio-chemistry solutions for topical infection. This program is being expedited given the crucial situation with vanco-resistant strains, Strep-Group A, and M.R.S.A. virulence. Care-Tech® antimicrobials annihilate these organisms without the potential of mutation given the time/kill speed of 30 seconds contact.

As the search for alternative technology to the historic use of systemic and topical antibiotics continues, Care-Tech® hopes to retain its leadership role in product development for preventative care as well as topical infection therapies into the 21st century.

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