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Over-the-counter Pharmaceuticals for Treatment and Prevention of Topical Infection

We are pleased to announce that CARE-TECH received notification on August 7, 2014 that we have satisfied the FDA on CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Requirements for Pharmaceutical Companies) and will resume manufacturing and distribution of TECHNI-CARE Antiseptic on September 8, 2014. We appreciate your patience and support during this very lengthy process and look forward to once again shipping CARE-TECH technology for the patients and medical professionals who need this product.

Marketing unquestionably superior products has been our single objective since 1895. Today, this dedication is put to work with pride throughout the company, from our executive suites to our manufacturing lines to our customer service representatives.

Expert research staffs develop unique proprietary biochemistry, refining formulations until they deliver the optimal blend of active ingredients and performance without toxicity or contra-indications. We combine the fields of bio-chemistry, physiology, microbiology and surface chemistry to incorporate all facets of a product's intended objective. As a result, CARE-TECH® technology gives you a higher concentration of the most effective ingredients with very rapid results.

In addition, we blend ingredients using an exclusive emulsification process at very high temperatures. CARE-TECH® topical, antimicrobials offer broad spectrum antimicrobial action encompassing gram-negative, gram positive bacteria, fungi and yeast. Our topical antimicrobials exhibit higher efficacy than the prior technology of triple antibiotic ointment fomulations without contra-indications.

Throughout our manufacturing process we rigorously adhere to all FDA guidelines concerning the testing and acceptability of raw materials, finished products and product packaging. As part of our uncompromising quality control, we continuously test the stability of all our products during stated shelf lifes.

The emphasis on research and development is paramount in our laboratories with consistent results in innovative patents and solutions for severe dermal conditions and the treatment of topical infection induced by harsh chemicals or micro-invasion.

CARE-TECH® offers unsurpassed value in maintaining the integrity of dermal tissue while preventing nosocomial infection in healthcare environments. CARE-TECH® is a privately held corporation in the third generation of family ownership.

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