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Products by Medical Specialty

Care-Tech® technology is designed for multi-functionality. Our products are highly concentrated (a small amount goes a long, long way) and are the highest quality manufactured in the United States. Our history of success in developing highly efficacious dermatalogicals without contra-indications, dermal irritation or toxicity is a testament to American pharmaceutical innovation. Safety is our primary concern. We do not advocate the use of linear alcohols in therapeutics designed for human skin cells or any other irritant which eventually cause free-radical formations. A view under the microscope of a skin cell's immediate reaction to harsh chemicals, toxins, alcohol, acids, etc. causes an acute awareness for formulation experts that damaging cells should not be a focus in ethical product development. The long-term damages are not worth short-term results. The disregard for cellular safety and the accelerated dermal aging factors should be the immediate concerns.

Please follow this specialty guide to review Care-Tech® solutions to many areas of need. We appreciate your interest and support of Care-Tech® technology.

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