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Operating Room

Care-Tech® offers new patented technology in pre-operative prep solutions and surgical scrub.

With Techni-Care®, you have one product for both functions which efficiently removes organic matter, oil and also provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial/antiseptic action without toxicity or cellular destruction. Techni-Care® is a proprietary, patented technology and represents a synergistic blend of active ingredients, high grade surfactants, emollients, and a phospholipid which exhibits a high rate of healing in the stratum corneum. It represents the first non-toxic antiseptic in chemical history.

We have combined the fields of microbiology, chemistry and bio-chemistry in creation of this formulation. Note that prior chemicals used in the "Topical Antimicrobial" category exhibit antimicrobial efficacy but are toxic or detrimental to human skin cells, cause nerve-damage or present inhalation problems.

In designing a product which also addresses the general health and safety of the dermis while providing exceptional, broad-spectrum cidal action for repeated, daily use.

Care-Tech's developmental objectives focused extensively on the physiological effects.

Many years were devoted to observing the long-term damage to O.R. personnel hands and the Chronic Hygiene Dermatitis (CHD) factors. We were convinced that if technology could be designed which would minimize the damage to hands, we could achieve complience to professional, scrub protocols. We believe our objectives were surpassed in Techni-Care®.

An additional product in this category our broad-spectrum antimicrobial cream enriched with vitamins designed for site maintenance. Care-Creme® is topical antimicrobial technology competing with the historical use of high dermal irritants such as bacitracin, Bactroban or other triple antibiotics in an oinment base. Care-Creme®'s broad-spectrum covers gram negative, gram positive, yeast and fungi without the typical contra-indications and without toxicity.

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