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Infection Prevention

The prevention of the spread of nosocomial infection in healthcare environments is a daunting task and has been a concern in the U.S. medical market for our entire 107 years. We began product development in this critical area in the early 1960's and have successfully developed solutions to halt transmission from a topical standpoint as well as environmental.

As long as humans are involved in care giving in the institutional environment, we will observe coughs, colds, runny noses, hygiene deficiencies, lack of education in microbiology and the myriad bacteria in closed ventilation systems on top of immune compromised patient populations.

Care-Tech's objectives in this area have centered around designing technology for caregivers and patients alike which significantly reduce pathogenic organisms without dermal irritation and without oral toxicity. We offer a wide variety of proven antimicrobial skin cleansers, body wash, hand sanitizers, antimicrobial lotions and antiseptic creams and ointments.

What makes our technology unique is the design of products without linear alcohols, harsh detergents or any raw materials which exhibit cellular damage. Our products are multi functional and have proven highly effective against resistant strains.

Harsh, alcohol blend products, although extremely cheap and easy to produce, can create nerve-ending damage, pain and distress in the end-user and reduce or halt compliance to infection control policies. In the 21st century we should demand more sophisticated technology and Care-Tech® can literally hand it to you!

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