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Bariatric Medicine

Bariatric patient care is proving to be a challenge and a strain on U. S. Medical facilities. Care-Tech® Laboratories introduces three companion products which address the unique infection situations these patients present.

Patient hygiene needs and odor are first addressed with LOVING LATHER II® Antimicrobial Body Wash. This gentle, antimicrobial is a broad-spectrum cleanser which efficiently breaks down oil and organic materials, eliminates pathogens, and increases skin turgor. Loving Lather II® should be used on a daily basis before and after surgical procedures to decrease risk of infection. This product is M.R.S.A.effective, contains no alcohol or sodium chloride which damage the dermis.

For patients exhibiting candida infection, redness or irritation in skin folds, CARE-CRÈME® Antimicrobial Cream has proven to be an excellent alternative to the use of triple antibiotic formulations. Care-Crème® has no contra-indications and is O-T-C available via Cardinal Health Care, McKesson MedSurg or Owens & Minor nationally.

The TECHNI-CARE® WOUND KIT provides a daily cleansing and decontamination solution for existing topical infection. This kit includes Techni-Care®, Clinical Care®, and Care-Crème® for daily maintenance. The kit can be customized with additional Care-Tech® technologies. All Care-Tech® antimicrobials are M.R.S.A. effective and your first step in preventing topical wound infection. The combination of products provides a program of prevention and/or treatment for facilities searching for solutions in tackling ever increasing nosocomial and topical infections.

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