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Whirl-Clean® Whirlpool Disinfectant/Cleaner/Fungicide

WHIRL-CLEAN® is a concentrated disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner, fungicide and deodorant for cleaning and disinfecting whirlpool units. It effectively eliminates GRAM - and GRAM + bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Hydrotherapy units can be a major source of cross-contamination. The circulating mechanism can be a breeding place for pathogenic bacteria and fungi unless the unit is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. WHIRL-CLEAN is a concentrated detergent that emulsifies and removes oil, soap, and hard water deposits from the surfaces of the whirlpool unit and the pumping mechanism. When used as directed, WHIRL-CLEAN is effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhosa, Trichophyton interdigitale, Serratia marcesens, MRSA, Candida albicans, Herpes Simplex Type I, (partial listing).

Directions for Brush and Bucket Cleaning

After using the whirlpool unit, remove patient or resident and drain contaminated water completely. Place 1 gallon of water in a plastic bucket and add 2 ounces of WHIRL-CLEAN. Wash all inside surfaces of the unit with this solution using a soft-bristled brush or sponge. Pay particular attention to the lift chair and seat. Rinse completely with fresh water. Clean and rinse all related equipment including the outside of the unit.

Directions for Spray Cleaning

As an alternative cleaning method, use 1/4 ounce of WHIRL-CLEAN in a 16 ounce sprayer bottle filled with water. Spray or squirt this solution on all tub surfaces and again use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to scrub the chair lift, seat and wall surfaces. Then, squirt this solution into the exhaust and intake water ports of the pump and rinse thoroughly.


If pump is freestanding or portable, immerse intake and exhaust ports in a plastic bucket containing 1 gallon of water and 2 ounces of WHIRL-CLEAN and start the pump. Circulate the solution through the pump for 60 seconds. Rinse with clean water using the same method as for cleaning.

Refer to the product's label for further directions and precautions.

WHIRL-CLEAN WILL NOT STAIN ANY MATERIAL OR UNIT SURFACE NOR WILL IT HARM PUMPS. For use in Century tubs, Kebo-Parker and all nationally sold brands.

In-service training available upon request.

Broad spectrum cleaner, sanitizer, fungicide and deodorant for whirlpool tub and motor. Will not scratch or stain tubs or harm pump units. Specially formulated to clean bath residue and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Extends pump life while fighting infection. For use in all nationally known whirlpool bathing systems. Economical 1:128 use dilution concentrate. Hard and soft water effective.

Product Code Product Container Size Price
C301-55G Whirl-Clean 55 Gallon Drum Not Available on-line
C301-6G Whirl-Clean 6 Gallon Pail Not Available on-line
C301-1G Whirl-Clean 1 Gallon / 4 per case $171.00  
C301-16Z Whirl-Clean 16oz. Bottle / 24 per case $171.00  

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