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Swirl-Soft® Hydrotherapy Bathing Solution and Water Conditioning Additive

Product Release - 1961

Usage and Applications

Swirlsoft® is an emollient rich formulation which draws moisture from the air and holds it to the skin to prevent dryness commonly associated with hydrotherapy bathing. The unique cleansing ingredients loosen sebum, flaking skin and necrotic tissue. Moisturizers replenish lost dermal moisture and relieve dry, scaling patches in geriatric patient care. Swirlsoft® eliminates patient skin odor. This conditioning agent is hard and soft water effective and is a free-rinsing solution. Designed specifically for the needs of geriatric skin in closed environments.

Labor Benefits

Swirlsoft® eliminates the formation of hard water deposits and soap residue from the whirlpool unit. Swirlsoft® is also a water softener which reduces tub cleaning time in preparation for the next treatment or bath. Swirlsoft® is completely water soluble and leaves no oily film or residues on the unit surface when used according to labeled instructions.

Safety Benefits

Swirlsoft® should be used according to dilution instructions to reduce the risk of patient falls while moving in and out of hydrotherapy units. Swirlsoft® will eliminate the necessity of any oil-based substances in the hydrotherapy treatment protocol. Swirlsoft® is non-toxic if ingested and will not harm the pump mechanisms in hydrotherapy units. Improperly designed products will shorten the life of expensive bathing units, ie. corrosive chemicals such as bleach, chlorine or sodium chloride will cause pitting to occur.


Surfactant/Emollient/Moisturizing Blend/Concentrate
Proprietary Formulation
Precautions:Non-Dermal Irritant • Non-Toxic to dermal cells.
Non-Toxic Solution • No Contraindications


Swirlsoft® should be utilized in patient therapy to enhance dermal integrity. Moisture replenishment is essential to geriatric bathing programs as well as in the treatment of skin breakdown and to prevent skin tears. Maintenance of healthy dermal tissue inhibits infection while enhancing patient and staff morale as the therapy eliminates skin odor and dryness. Swirlsoft® is a concentrated solution, use according to label instructions.

Swirlsoft® is excellent for use in consistent physical therapy programs to maintain skin softness and elasticity as well as promoting tugor.

Available Product Sizes

Product Code Product Container Size
C105-16Z Swirl-Soft 16-Ounce Bottles
C105-1G Swirl-Soft 1-Gallon Containers

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