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Barri-Care® Antimicrobial Moisture Barrier

NDC #46706-206-04 Product Release: 1985
NEW!!! Controlled Clinical Evaluation by GM Associates, Inc.

Indications and Usage

Topical, antimicrobial ointment specifically formulated to protect the perineal area of the incontinent patient against painful skin disorders caused by pathogenic organisms. Excellent skin protectant around ostomy sites, gastrectomy, and tracheotomy tubes or other body openings, wounds or skin lesions where drainage is common. Use on grades I through IV pressure ulcers to halt additional skin breakdown. Exposure of the skin to moisture leads to maceration, which weakens the natural barrier of the epidermis. Barri-Care® is a preventative product to avoid skin maceration and protect against moisture contact. Excellent for use by Perioperative nurses on all patient pressure points prior to lengthy surgical procedures. Excellent also for use by medical personnel on hands prior to glove applications to reduce dermal irritation and halt bacterial contamination due to moisture, as well as protect against allergic reactions to gloves.

Clinical Pharmacology

  • Water-In-Oil Emulsion Blend
  • Vitamins A, D3, E, and E Acetate
  • Petrolatum based-moisture proof barrier action
  • Contains Casein (phospho-protein)
  • Active Ingredient: Chloroxylenol 0.8%
  • Will not melt under feverish conditions
  • OTC Pharmaceutical/Listed PDR, 1992


  • Non-Toxic, Non-Dermal Irritant. External Use Only.


  1. Draize Dermal Irritation Test Classification • Non-Dermal Irritant
  2. Oral Toxicity • Non-Toxic
  3. Zone of Inhibition (Fed. Circ. 198, USFDA) • No Growth
  4. Broad Spectrum Efficacy • Concentration of Active Ingredient (PCMX) is 8,000 ppm
  5. Effectively inhibits Staphylococcus, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas, E. coli and Klebsiella.

Dosage and Administration

Barri-Care® has exhibited outstanding results as a preventative barrier for inhibiting skin breakdown. Destroys pathogenic bacteria that can cause ammonia related burn/odor, and severe skin disorders. Can be applied to skin to prevent dryness, and to minor burns and abrasions to relieve itch. Provides a protective base that allows fecal matter to be easily removed. Multi-faceted product which when used properly, will prevent costly infections and cross-contamination. Excellent for use on sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Barri-Care® contains a special blend of synergistic oils and emollients that closely resemble the natural oils of the skin, thus providing excellent nutritional value and moisturizing properties.

Utilize in treatment protocols to eliminate the risk of further skin deterioration and lower the serious risk of infection from wound exudate.

Available Product Sizes

Product Code Product Container Size Price
C206-4T-EACH Barri-Care 4-Ounce Tubes $23.00
C206-4T Barri-Care 4-Ounce Tubes/24 per case $269.00
C206-Unidose Barri-Care 7-mL Unidose Packets (50/case) $66.00
C206-8ZEA Barri-Care 8-Ounce Jar $39.00
C206-8Z Barri-Care 8-Ounce Jar/12 per case $210.00

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